SBI FLC ,FLC Recruitment 2023 – 194 Vacancies

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State Bank of India (SBI) is hiring FLC Counsellors to provide financial literacy and counseling services. Responsibilities include educating individuals about banking products, assisting with personal finances, and conducting financial literacy programs.

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FLC Counsellor and FLC Director at SBI

State Bank of India (SBI) is inviting applications for the positions of FLC Counsellor and FLC Director as part of its Recruitment 2023 drive. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives and possess the required skills and experience. The positions are based in various locations across the country.

  1. FLC Counsellor: As an FLC Counsellor, you will be responsible for providing financial literacy and counseling services to the public. Your primary role will be to educate individuals and promote awareness about various banking products, schemes, and services offered by SBI. You will also assist customers in understanding and managing their finances effectively, providing guidance on budgeting, investments, loans, and other related matters. Additionally, you will organize and conduct financial literacy programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance financial knowledge within the community.


  • Offer financial counseling services to customers, addressing their queries and concerns.
  • Educate individuals about various banking products, services, and financial planning.
  • Assist customers in managing their personal finances, including budgeting and debt management.
  • Provide guidance on investment options, loan eligibility, and repayment strategies.
  • Conduct workshops and seminars on financial literacy, targeting different sections of the society.
  • Collaborate with local organizations, schools, and colleges to promote financial awareness.
  • Maintain accurate records of counseling sessions and prepare reports as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in the banking or financial services sector.
  • Strong knowledge of banking products, investment options, and financial planning.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to empathize and build trust with customers.
  • Proficiency in local language(s) and English.
  1. FLC Director: As an FLC Director, you will oversee the functioning of Financial Literacy Centres (FLCs) in your designated area. You will be responsible for coordinating with FLC Counsellors, monitoring their activities, and ensuring the effective delivery of financial literacy programs. In addition, you will establish partnerships with local stakeholders, such as NGOs, government agencies, and educational institutions, to promote financial education. Your role will involve strategic planning, team management, and reporting to higher authorities.


  • Supervise and support FLC Counsellors in delivering financial literacy services.
  • Monitor the performance of FLCs and provide guidance to improve effectiveness.
  • Develop partnerships with local organizations to enhance financial education initiatives.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of FLC activities and prepare reports.
  • Coordinate with SBI branches and other stakeholders for collaborative efforts.
  • Plan and implement strategies to expand the reach and impact of FLC programs.
  • Manage the recruitment and training of FLC Counsellors.
  • Stay updated on the latest developments in the field of financial literacy.


  • Master’s degree in finance, business administration, or a related field.
  • Previous experience in a leadership or managerial role.
  • Sound knowledge of banking and financial services.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to coordinate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.
  • Proficiency in local language(s) and English.

Application Process: Interested candidates are required to apply online through the official SBI website. The detailed application process and eligibility criteria can be found on the SBI Recruitment 2023 webpage. Applicants must submit their applications within the specified deadline.

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